Finding the Right Probate Lawyer for Your Case

A Fort Lauderdale, Florida, probate attorney is someone who may help you with the estate settlement procedure. They may assist you with paying off debts, identifying and allocating inherited assets to heirs, and submitting the required tax returns. They are also capable of managing probate litigation, which includes disputes over the legality of wills and claims of fiduciary obligation violations. They are also capable of designing an estate plan that reduces the requirement for probate.

In a probate dispute, an individual may represent oneself, although it is normally preferable to work with an experienced attorney. This is particularly true if you are a beneficiary or heir seeking to defend your rights, a personal representative attempting to shield yourself from liability for purportedly failing to uphold your fiduciary obligation, or any other interested party with a vested financial interest in the resolution of the dispute.

Serving clients in the Fort Lauderdale region, the Law Offices of Odelia Goldberg handles problems including real estate, trusts, family law, and probate. Their principal attorney has vast expertise in both trial and appellate courts, and their team of attorneys has over thirty years of combined experience with probate and estate cases. They also offer advice on topics pertaining to trusts and probate.

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The staff at Klein & Fortune PA helps clients with Hollywood probate matters, including as gathering, organizing, and selling off estate property. In order to safeguard their assets, they can also help clients set up trusts and power of attorney contracts. Additionally, they have expertise defending clients in court cases resulting from the probate procedure, including those involving allegations of fraud or undue influence.

In Fort Lauderdale, Edward J. Jennings, P.A. is a private practice that assists people and families with probate-related issues. Their lawyers can assist you with all elements of estate preparation, including as creating wills, applying for permission to act as a personal representative in court, making payments to creditors, and allocating assets to beneficiaries. They can also settle claims of fiduciary breach, disagreements involving wills, and problems involving real estate and businesses.

Hollywood companies, developers, owners of commercial real estate, and entrepreneurs may all benefit from the legal services offered by Tables Law Group PA. Their legal staff can help you with a range of legal issues, such as the probate process. In addition to paying off debts, they can authenticate a decedent’s testament and transfer any leftover assets to beneficiaries and heirs. They can also help you dispute a tax assessment and file tax returns.