Outdoor Signage: Monument Signs

Monument signs are a free-standing type of outdoor signage that’s typically positioned near the street or entrance to your property. They’re designed to stand out, yet fit in well with your landscape. They’re often used to identify a business or organization, provide branding and offer important information to visitors.

They’re also a great choice for businesses and organizations with zoning restrictions that prevent them from putting up traditional or more prominent types of signage. Typically built from stone, brick, concrete or wood, these types of signage are highly visible and help customers find you.

The most common type of monument sign is made from stone. They’re very sturdy, and their design allows them to withstand all weather conditions. They’re a popular choice for hotels, resorts, parks and other large venues. Some are designed with a modern feel, while others can be tailored to suit a rustic look.

Brick monument signs are another option for those looking to add a classic look to their site. They’re long-lasting and can be designed to match your existing brand. Some are etched with a corporate logo or other design elements, while others have an open area for the text of your choosing. They’re a good choice for restaurants, offices and many other types of businesses.

Concrete monument signs are another durable and attractive option for those looking to add a more timeless look to their location. They’re able to withstand any weather condition, and they’re very easy to clean. They’re often installed at the entrance of office complexes, public parks and other large establishments.

If you want something more upscale than a simple brick or concrete sign, consider one of the many options available in the form of monument LED signs. These types of signs combine the benefits of a LED display with a classic masonry-inspired style. They’re made from high-density EPS foam that’s routed to look like brick or stone and then covered with thick polyurethane. They’re impact resistant, able to withstand the rigourus of harsh weather environments and can be finished in the color of your choice.

A monument sign’s pole cover is an important part of its overall aesthetic. They’re usually painted in a color that matches the monument sign and tie the sign together. Some are even fabricated with a textured surface to create a more visually appealing appearance.

Monument signs are similar to pylon signs in that they’re tall and designed to catch the eye of drivers or passersby from a distance. However, they differ in a few important ways that make them each uniquely suitable for different purposes. To learn more about the different types of monument signs available, contact the best Corpus Christi sign company and discuss your needs with a professional. They’ll be able to recommend the right option for your company’s location.