The Importance of Finding a Good Guardianship Attorney

Whether your loved ones have a power of attorney or not, there comes a time in life when you need to entrust someone with making important decisions for them. This responsibility can be overwhelming and stressful. In order to make the best choices for your family, it is crucial that you have legal advice. A good Guardianship Attorney will help you determine the type of decision-making and welfare needs that you will need to address for your ward, and assist you with all legal paperwork and filings.

The legal process of becoming a guardian requires a court hearing where you will need to present evidence and follow local trial rules. You will also need to demonstrate that your ward is incapable of making their own personal decisions and that you are capable and right for the position. Our attorneys are well-versed in these laws and can support you through every step of the process.

Our Chicago City, Davis & Associates Attorneys will help you understand all of the procedures, requirements, and implications of your legal guardianship. You may be responsible for taking care of the ward’s health, financial and welfare, or both, depending on your specific situation. Our experienced legal team will guide you through the entire legal process, and ensure that all the necessary documentation is filed with the court. We will help you obtain a bond, file annual reports and accountings, respond to inquiries from Court Evaluators and Examiners about expenses, and apply for government benefits.

It is essential that you have the proper representation in these legal matters, especially if your family members are elderly or disabled. A good Guardianship Lawyer will take the time to understand all of your concerns, and help you plan the best course of action for the future.

A Guardianship Attorney can assist with legal issues related to child and elder abuse, as well as a variety of other concerns. These include:

When a family member becomes sick or injured to the point that they are not able to manage their own affairs, a legal guardian must be appointed by the courts. A Guardian of the Person can make decisions about an individual’s life, including their medical care, housing, and education. A Guardian of the Property can manage an individual’s assets, investments, savings, and expenses. Guardians must comply with all court rules and regulations, regularly appear in court, and file annual reports and accountings.

Often times, an adult family member will need a legal guardian when their parents are no longer able to care for them. If you are considering becoming a legal guardian for an adult family member, or have questions about how to protect your own rights in these matters, speak with a Chicago family lawyer at Davis & Associates Attorneys immediately. We provide free initial consultations and can advise you of all your options. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!